About the Hudson Creative Hub

At the Hudson Creative Center, we know it all too well: it doesn’t take much to change the world. Since our debut in August 2022, we’ve been determined to make a difference. The heart of our organization is to bring the innovative ideas and passion of our team to the benefit of the activities in which we are engaged. It is through all these initiatives that we hope to demonstrate the conviction that lies behind our beliefs.

Our Mission

Mission & values

Our mission is to offer a welcoming, accessible, educational and inspirational hub for the artistic, cultural, and community organizations of all age groups in the Hudson and vicinity.

Driven by the desire to contribute to the cultural and artistic influence of its region. It sets up actions to stimulate creativity, support artists and encourage the development of innovative cultural practices.

Our History


The Hall has historically been used for community purposes. Built in 1879 and then rebuilt in 1988 after a fire destroyed the original building, the Hall has been used as a Sunday school, concert and conference hall, public meeting space, respite centre for people caring for Alzheimer family members, support group for young mothers dance rehearsal hall, public readings, math classes and scout training sessions.

Privately purchased in July, 2022, St. Mary’s Church Hall became the Hudson Creative Hub and was incorporated as a not-for-profit charitable corporation on May 6, 2022.

Now open to the public to visit its in-house exhibits, cultural events, and community activities, the Hub is a Creative Hub to Learn, Enjoy and Participate in everything Hudson’s Creative Community has to offer.

The founding members of the Corporation are:
Camillo Gentile
Lynda Clouette MacKay
Helen Kurgansky
Maurice A. Panchyshyn
Serge L.Gerard