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We all enjoy wonderful entertaining and thought provoking movies.  We rarely give thought to the history or to all the brilliant ideas, insights and artistry that contribute to a polished final product.

This exciting new series at the Hub will help us understand and appreciate movies of all genres, bethey comedies, dramas, documentaries, classics or musicals.  Or we could delve into all the exacting work that goes on behind the scenes.

On the first Saturday of each month, Clint will either show us a full movie or will guide us through insightful films or video clips and interviews where behind the scenes work will be explored.   It will be a two hour adventure in film.

For May’s event, the film will be “Lone Star” will be viewed.  A keen observer of America’s social fabric, writer-director John Sayles uncovers the haunted past buried beneath a small Texas border town in this sprawling neowestern mystery.  When a skeleton is discovered in the desert, lawman Sam Deeds (Chris Cooper), son of a legendary local sheriff, begins an investigation that will have profound implications both for him personally and for all of Rio County, a place still reckoning with its history of racial violence.  Sayle’s masterful film, novelistic in its intricacy and featuring a brilliant ensemble cast, including Joe Morton, Elizabeth Peňa and Kriis Kristofferson – quietly subverts national myth making and lays bare the fault lines of life at the Border.

Robert Ebert says it all – here is the first paragraph of his review..

“John Sayles’ Lone Star contains so many riches, it humbles ordinary movies.  And yet they aren’t thrown before us, to dazzle and impress;  it is only later, thinking about the film, that we appreciate the full reach of its material.  I’ve seen it twice and after the second viewing, I began to realize how deeply, how subtly, the film has been constructed.

Date:  Saturday May 4th 2024

Time:  2 pm

Tickets:  At the door, free for Hub members


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