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SPECTACLE 45 min. (4 to 8 years old) 14h / 2pm


Puppet, shadow and object theatre, by THÉÂTRE À L’ENVERS in coproduction with Place des Arts (Montréal) Written and directed by Patricia Bergeron, with Patricia Bergeron and Robine Kaseka Kia, english version Spun from an African tale, this is the beautiful story of a courageous young girl named “Mwana” who lives in a village deep in the forest. Every day, a giant monster comes and steals the villagers’ food. When Mwana proposes confronting the giant, the Village Chief wonders how such a little girl could defeat a monster that no one has ever been able to stop. Is there a secret that only Mwana knows? The play takes the audience on a theatrical journey of courage, love and friendship as it explores the French proverb “We often need someone smaller than ourselves”.   www.theatrealenvers.ca


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